Weigh In Motion

Since collecting traffic data plays an important role in planning, designing, maintaining and managing the roads, weighing in motion systems (WIM) are used in order to collect and analyze traffic data, reduce cost of road damages by detecting overloaded vehicles, accelerate legal process for offender drivers and increase road safety. Due to the reduced need for personnel, the new weighing system is a 24-7 service.

Gained information:

  • Vehicles total and axle weight
  • Vehicles passing rate
  • Categorizing vehicles to 14 different classes
  • Vehicles speed
  • Capturing the photo of traffic offenders
  • Recognizing offenders’ license plate by LPR system
  • Vehicles passing date


  • Pavement optimization
  • Independent pavement design for each line
  • Traffic studies
  • Law enforcement
  • Vehicles speed control
  • Defining tax based on vehicles weight
  • Statistical reports
  • Reduction of overloaded vehicles passage
  • Increasing pavement lifetime
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Reduction of weighing time
  • Elimination of truck scales queue