Jumbo Bag Filler (Big Bag - 1500 kg)

Capacity of weighing 1500kg – accuracy 1Kg
Speed ​​ 20 ton / hr
Equipped with automatic clipper
Equipped with a blower for forming the bag during filling
Equipped to vibrator to compress all material in the bag (till capacity become full)
Equipped with an intelligent system for quick & slow discharge
Equipped with back filter for dusting during the bag filling process
Load cells with country of origin Europe & USA
Display Gamma-07


First of all, the operator hangs 4 bag straps and pushes the start button.

Hooks bump the bag a little up & at the same time Feeder will begin its work & transfer materials into the weighing hopper.

To accelerate the process, open coarse valves & fine valves together, till after transfer of the 90% of material, coarse valve being close, & fine valve will transfer all Remaining material up to the requested capacity.

At the end, straps & seal stuck make the bag Free & Operator after observe the filled bags on the conveyor, will end bag filling process.