Farasoo Towzin Engineering Company, with more than 20 years of experience, is a capable and potent supplier of weighing systems and all relevant equipment like, weighbridges, weighing indicators, industrial special scales & …. Farasoo Towzin is known for its wide variation of manufacturing solutions with a remarkable rate of high quality products and powerful customer service. Our staff are experienced and available to answer your technical questions and recommend you the appropriate product to fit your need.
Farasoo Towzin also produces:
1. Truck scales
2. Industrial platform scales
3. Crane scales
4. Axel scales
5. Packing machines
6. Belt scales
7. Livestock scales
8. Weigh feeders
9. Silo scales
10. Telemetry and monitoring
11. Big bag packing machines
12. Filling machines
13. Checkweighing & sorting machines
14. Drum filling machines
15. Animal feed batching systems
16. Weight indicators
17. Radio modems
18. Junction boxes

Our products can be used in:
* Food industries
* Cement industries
* Petrochemical industries
* Mine industries

We also pay special attention to improve our services & try to have more international cooperation. In trading part, our export markets are Iraq, Russia and Kyrgyzstan & in local market Farasoo Towzin is an assured name with a good reputation.