Weighing memory capacity: 16000

  255 customer codes

  300 predefined vehicle tare weights

  Defining product type and price by operator

  Variable printing ticket formats

  Defining weighing cost for different vehicles

  Capability to define customer’s name & address

  Battery backed up time & date

  32 keys membrane keyboard

  Capability of connecting to PS2 keyboard

  Serial port with the maximum speed of 38400 bit/s

  High quality 7” LCD 800 x 480 pixels

  Adjustable menus color

  Upgrading with computers

  Connecting to dot-matrix printers compatible with ESC/P (LQ300)

  Connecting to laser printers supporting PCL5

  Reporting based on date, product code, customer & etc.

  24-bit ADC module with rate of 50 samples per second

  Connecting 8 load cells (350 Ω)

  Excitation voltage: 5V AC

  Automatic thermal compensator (steady zero point)

  Sensitivity 0.1µV/digit

  Powerful digital filter

  High resolution display division

  PC software (free software for 6 months)

  1~16 relay output (optional)

  2 scale weighing (optional)

  RS485 serial comm port (optional)

  4~20 mA / 2~10 V output (optional)